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Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory

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Soil test based crop production is the new strategy adopted by most of the farmers. In order to promote soil testing and carry out scientific crop production based on soil testing and help the farming community, a mobile soil testing laboratory is functioning at the Dept of Soil Science & Agrl Chemistry., COA, Velllayani.The role of the MSTL is inevitable among the farmers of Trivandrum Dt and especially in Neyyattinkkara Block Panchyath.The MSTL has a seating capacity of 7 and when taken to the farmers field the scientists / research personnel also accompany for carrying out the analyses. It is housed with various sophisticated equipments viz. PH & EC meter , Spectrophotometer and other equipments. A rapid soil and water testing kit is also housed at the MSTL for producing quick results. A prescription based on soil testing is also given to the farmers to mitigate the problems associated with soil.Fertilizer recommendation to all the major crops grown in Kerala are suggested to the farmers based on soil testing. Almost every year nearly 300 samples are analysed and recommendations have been suggested . In connection with a project by KSCSTE the service of MSTL was extended to the schools ( VHSE and Higher Secondary) in rural areas of Trivandrum Dt to create awareness on soil testing and the need for Soil test based fertilizer recommendation in agriculture.Thus hands on trainings to school students were offered in soil testing with the help of Rapid soil and water testing kits.Besides MSTL is also used effectively for the service of the farming community through various programmes /modules of RAWE of the final year B.Sc ( Ag) students.Thus MSTL is rendering an excellent service to the farming community and extends its service to all panchayaths of Trivandrum District.


Principal Investigator: Dr. Aparna B., Assistant Professor,  Department of Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry

Contact:  aparna.b@kau.in


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