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IFSRS, Karamana

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Integrated Farming Systems Research Station  (IFSRS), Karamana, Thiruvananthapuram

The IFSRS is situated at Nedumcaud, Karamana 3.0 km south east of Thiruvananthapuram Central railway and bus stations.  The station has an area of 7.65 ha of which 7.25 ha is double cropped wet land and 0.4 ha garden land. The centre, formerly known as the Model Agronomic Research Station, was established in 1955. New schemes and projects were started from 1968 onwards under the All India Co-ordinated Agro-nomic Research Project (AICARP) of the ICAR. From October, 1983 onwards, the station was upgraded as the HQ of the AICARP in Kerala.

The mandate of the station is development and validation of region specific integrated farming system model for enhanced system productivity,  profitability and sustainability and to undertake research, training, extension and developmental activities on various aspects of urban and periurban agriculture.


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