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Farm Advisory Service team through Karshaka Santhwanam

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Karshaka Santhwanam is a multidisciplinary diagnostic support programme, to address problems in the fields, within the shortest possible time and give probem-specific recommendations particularly in the three southern districts of Kerala viz. Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Pathanamthitta. 

This facility was started under the RKVY project in 2010-2011 and is now continued as a station funded project with an objective to render full technical advice to farmers in the field (Farm Advisory Service) at all times of need with the support of multi-disciplinary team.  This facility strengthens the already existing provisions of the Department of Agriculture in sorting out field problems.  It integrates pest and nutrient management and other technologies to economize the production.  It also helps the University or Government to tackle emergency field problems, promotes safer food production, provides technical support particularly to residents associations in the town areas to start kitchen gardens and equips the farming community to meet challenges in hi-tech farming. 

The highlights of this facility are as follows:

  • Thousands of field problems have been addressed through Tele-solutions and whatsApp helping farmers to enhance the yield.
  • Field visits have been conducted in many districts. ( about 50-100 every year)
  • Trainings were provided to many pepper farmers in Wayanad district to overcome the yellowing in pepper through scientific cultivations.
  • Provided consultancy to many Governmental and non governmental organizations to address their problems related to agriculture.




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